About Campaign Boost

Campaign Boost was founded by Kyle and Shyane Jackson, husband and wife, to help local businesses boost their presence in the digital space and improve brand cohesion.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you thrive in the digital world by creating high-quality professional websites that deliver exceptional results

  • We create websites built for you to solve your specific problems and spread awareness online.

  • We design print media with our skills in graphic design to be the solution to any design problem you run into.

  • We use our skills in SEO to help you rank for searches to allow anyone to find you with ease.

  • We manage and design email and sms services to allow you to reach out to your base with ease.

We Want to See Businesses Flourish in Their Community

Campaign Boost was founded to provide an all-inclusive design and awareness solution for brands and businesses. We have noticed that many companies struggle to implement cohesive and consistent branding and provide vital information that is easily accessible to users. Our goal is to aid these companies on all fronts.

Kyle Profile

Kyle Jackson,
Co-Founder of Campaign Boost

Kyle received his BFA in Graphic Design from The University of Akron in 2017. While working as a designer for a small e-commerce company based in Columbus, Ohio, he designed several wall décor products and managed their Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon stores. Upon obtaining SEO certification, Kyle implemented a successful SEO strategy for his former company. Through his career, he acquired a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing, web design, and business strategy. After four years, Kyle moved on to work for a multi-million dollar metaverse advertising agency. After completing a full website redesign, he continued building and managing multiple company websites.

Shyane Jackson,
Co-Founder of Campaign Boost

Shyane received her BS in Technical Communications from Arizona State University in 2023. While working as an intern copywriter at a Medicare Part C insurance company, she crafted informative and engaging articles and worked on SEO optimization. Following her internship, she began working with a bridal shop and redesigned their website, wrote blog articles, and created and coordinated their social media content.

Shyane Profile

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